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Trauma Treatment

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Person sitting outside and thinking that they need trauma treatmentMental health is essential to overall wellness but can often be undervalued or ignored. Trauma therapy for teens is one form of mental health care that can help young people recover from the effects of traumatic experiences and build resilience to cope with future challenges. Call 330.621.0725 to speak with someone from Beyond Healthcare Fairlawn’s knowledgeable team about our teen therapy treatment programs, particularly our teen trauma treatment options.

What Is Trauma Treatment?

Trauma treatment is a type of therapy that helps teens process traumatic experiences and heal from their emotional impact. This kind of therapy may include the following:

  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Group therapy
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Mindfulness meditation

The goal is to help teens learn how to manage difficult emotions healthily and confidently move forward in life.

How Does a Trauma Therapy Program for Teens Work?

When teens come in for trauma treatment at Beyond Healthcare Fairlawn in Ohio, they will meet with a therapist specializing in adolescents. During the initial assessment session, the therapist will:

  • Get to know the young person’s history
  • Ask questions about recent events that might have triggered a traumatic response
  • Assess current symptoms

After doing these, the therapist will work with the teen to create personalized strategies for healing. This could involve developing coping skills or exploring underlying issues related to the trauma. Through ongoing sessions, teens are encouraged to talk openly about their feelings and begin recovering from trauma-related distress. A trauma therapy program for teens also provides a safe and supportive space to process trauma-related thoughts and emotions.

Benefits of Undergoing Teen Trauma Treatment

Trauma treatment has many potential benefits for teens, primarily the resolution of trauma that may have been plaguing them and affecting their daily life. Additional benefits may include the following.

Developing Healthier Coping Skills

Through counseling sessions with a trained therapist, teens learn how to better manage difficult emotions like anxiety or anger through healthy coping strategies such as deep breathing exercises or journaling.

Teens gain insight into external factors that trigger their traumatic responses so they can avoid them or mentally prepare themselves when they cannot.

Reducing Isolation

The trauma treatment process helps teens develop relationships with their therapists and possibly other peers, reducing feelings of isolation and offering them a safe space to express themselves. Through these connections, teens can build a support network of trusted adults and friends who help them navigate everyday life.

Identifying Core Beliefs

With guidance from a professional therapist, teens start recognizing core beliefs that keep them stuck in negative patterns so they can begin working towards positive changes instead.

In individual sessions and group activities, teens learn more about themselves, which helps them build self-confidence and live life without fear or guilt from past experiences holding them back.

Building Resilience

As teens work through their traumas with professional help, they become stronger and more resilient, which allows them to move forward from difficult times with grace and understanding rather than fear or anger.

By equipping teens with the right tools, trauma therapy helps them build a new understanding of trauma and how to cope with it healthily. Through this process, they gain an essential skill set they can take into adulthood.

Find Teen Trauma Treatment in Ohio at Beyond Healthcare Fairlawn

Trauma treatment is an effective way for teenagers to heal from emotional scars caused by traumatic events. If you’re looking for teen trauma treatment near Ohio for yourself or a younger loved one, you can count on Beyond Healthcare Fairlawn. Contact Beyond Healthcare Fairlawn today at 330.621.0725 to learn more about trauma treatment for teens in Ohio.