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Group & Individual Therapy

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a counselor talks to a teen during group therapyBeyond Healthcare provides holistic mental healthcare for teens and adolescents between 11-17 and their families. We know that every teen heals differently, which is why we use a wide range of therapy options in our treatment programs. Group therapy and individual therapy are at the core of every personalized treatment plan to help our teens explore their emotions and learn healthy coping habits in a safe space.

The Basics of Group Therapy for Adolescents

Group therapy for adolescents can be an incredibly beneficial experience for teenagers who are struggling with various issues. It can provide various benefits, including:

  • A sense of support and community
  • A safe place to share experiences and feelings
  • An environment where they can learn how to better cope with their problems
  • An opportunity to develop healthy relationships
  • A place to gain support from their peers

There are a few things to remember when participating in group therapy for adolescents. First, it is important to respect others in the group and maintain confidentiality. It is also important to attend all sessions and to be on time. Engaging in conversation and activities is vital during group sessions to get the full benefits of group therapy.

The Basics of Individual Therapy for Teens

When a teen or adolescent begins individual therapy, they gain the chance to develop a healthy relationship with their therapist. The therapist will help them engage in conversation in a safe space. During these sessions, the teen will be able to discuss their feelings and emotions surrounding subjects they may not be able to talk about elsewhere, including:

  • Family dynamics
  • Friendship struggles
  • Academic or work-related stressors
  • Romantic relationships
  • Gender identity or sexual orientation
  • Mental health diagnoses
  • Substance abuse
  • Eating disorders
  • Self-harm

The therapist will help the teen to understand and healthily process their emotions. They may also provide coping mechanisms and tools to help the teen deal with their issues. Individual therapy can be incredibly beneficial for teens struggling with various mental health conditions.

How Individual Therapy Impacts Group Therapy

Both group therapy and individual therapy can be beneficial for adolescents. However, there are some benefits to using both group therapy and individual therapy together. One benefit is that group therapy provides a sense of support and community, which they may not find in individual therapy alone. This community can be important for adolescents who are struggling with their mental health. It can be difficult for them to share their feelings and experiences with others, but in a group setting, they may be more likely to do so.

Another benefit of using group and individual therapy is that it can provide a safe place for adolescents to share sensitive information. In group therapy, adolescents can share information about themselves that they may not feel comfortable sharing in other settings. In individual therapy, they can discuss problems they are having with their family or friends. This can help them get the support they need from their peers and their therapist.

Group therapy and individual therapy can also be helpful for adolescents in terms of developing healthy relationships. In group therapy, adolescents can learn how to better cope with their problems and communicate effectively with others. In individual therapy, they can develop a healthy relationship with their therapist, which can benefit them in the future.

Starting Individual and Group Therapy in Ohio

At Beyond Healthcare, we approach healing in a holistic way. We know that group and individual therapy provide similar but unique benefits to the teens and adolescents we help. Our staff and mental health professionals consider this when creating a personalized treatment plan for each unique teen. Find out how your teen can discover the benefits of group and individual therapy today by contacting us at 330.621.0725.