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Family Therapy

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For a teen to recover, the whole family must heal. We provide a secure, stable, and nurturing environment for your entire family. Family therapy is an important element of our treatment programs at Beyond Healthcare Fairlawn.

If you’re looking for a way to improve communication and work through conflict within your family, therapy may be the answer. Family therapy can help heal the effects of trauma or mental health issues, and adolescents and teenagers benefit from having consistent support at home.

At our center just outside of Akron, Ohio, our supportive community will be with you every step of the way on your family’s journey to wellness. Schedule an appointment by contacting us today at 330.621.0725.

The Benefits of Family Therapy

Family therapy may be beneficial when your family is facing problems and needs additional help. Changes, such as divorce or relocation to a new city, might be anxiety-provoking, and the assistance of a therapist may help your family in coping with these transitions. Family therapy can also be useful during times of sadness and grief.

Some benefits you might find as a result of family therapy sessions include:

  • More effective coping skills in times of stress
  • Stronger communication between family members
  • Increased levels of trust
  • Confidence that you can overcome challenges in the future.

Parents of children with mental health issues are not immune to struggling with their own mental health. In fact, they might even learn more about themselves during family therapy. Here at our practice, we encourage parents to participate in family therapy sessions actively. That way, you can learn practical skills for managing symptoms of disorders like anxiety and depression. You’ll also gain a deeper understanding of how to build healthier relationships with your loved ones moving forward.

What Happens in Family Therapy at Beyond Healthcare Fairlawn?

At our center, we provide stability and relief from stress so that you can focus on treatment and healing. Our care coordinators will see that your family’s needs are met while you’re in our program, allowing your family to focus on what’s important—getting well.

Family therapy is an essential supplement to individual therapy programming. If your child is in our day treatment program or receiving one-on-one therapy, family therapy can help you learn how to support their progress.

In family therapy sessions, you’ll explore how past challenges have been handled within your family unit. This exploration can include topics such as a loved one’s mental health struggles. An experienced therapist and your family will work together to build healthier coping mechanisms and communication tools. The therapist will guide the session, but it is important that every family member is involved.

Beyond Healthcare can also help your family heal through:

  • Parental coaching – Help for parents of children with mental health issues, behavioral challenges, or developmental disabilities
  • Education programs – Siblings and parents can learn about how to best support their loved one 
  • Support groups – Our Community Connections group provides parents with a network of support
  • Community resources – Your care coordinator can connect you with resources to help with housing, transportation, and medical care

Start Family Therapy in Ohio at Beyond Healthcare

To discover more about family therapy and our other mental health services, reach out to us today. We provide a variety of mental health treatments for adolescents, teenagers, and the whole family. Additionally, we make it easy for families to receive the care they require. We can meet you in the community, at our Ohio centers, or even virtually through telehealth technologies.

Take the first step by contacting us at 330.621.0725 or reaching out online. At Beyond Healthcare, we’ll help your family heal.