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Anxiety Treatment

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Concerned teen discussing mental health concerns with a therapist in an anxiety treatment programBeyond Healthcare Fairlawn provides the necessary support, guidance, and individualized care for adolescents who struggle with anxiety. Our anxiety treatment program is designed to cater to each patient’s unique needs. Our goal is to help these young adults overcome anxiety and other related mental health issues that may impede their progress and well-being.

Don’t let anxiety control your child’s life. Call 330.621.0725 today to speak with a compassionate intake specialist about our teen treatment programs and learn how we can help your teen live a better life.

Teen Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress and danger but can become a severe impairment that negatively impacts an adolescent’s overall quality of life. Our teen anxiety treatment is an evidence-based program customized to meet each patient’s specific needs in treating anxiety symptoms. Our approaches are individualized to ensure that every adolescent receives the best level of care and treatment that they require.

Our teen anxiety treatment program includes cognitive behavioral therapy, medication management, and exposure therapy. Each of these therapies is tailored to meet the needs of adolescents struggling with anxiety-related issues. Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps individuals recognize and change negative thoughts that lead to anxiety. Medication management is an approach that helps manage symptoms such as panic attacks, anxiety, and depression. Exposure therapy helps individuals confront situations or objects that trigger anxiety, helping them reduce their emotional responses to such stimuli.

Anxiety Treatment for Teens

Our anxiety treatment program for teens is specialized for adolescents between 11 and 17 years old who need help dealing with anxiety. Our program addresses issues that matter to parents and loved ones suffering from anxiety. Our team of experts includes board-certified psychiatrists, licensed therapists, and other experienced medical health professionals who are experienced in a variety of areas. Moreover, we provide an essential mix of individual counseling and mutual education in a compassionate and productive environment.

Our specialists at Beyond Healthcare Fairlawn understand that every adolescent is unique and may require distinct approaches to anxiety treatment. Therefore, we treat each patient individually, and our customized programs allow us to address all their concerns. We analyze their family history, personal lifestyle, medical history, and other factors to determine the best treatment plan. This approach allows us to offer highly effective, comprehensive anxiety treatment that reduces symptoms and improves the quality of life.

What to Expect from Anxiety Treatment for Teens?

When you enroll your child in our anxiety treatment program, they will receive comprehensive care tailored to their unique situation. Our team of mental health professionals, including licensed therapists, doctors, and nurses, will work with you and your child to establish treatment goals, monitor progress, and adjust interventions as necessary. Your child will attend therapy sessions, participate in skill-building activities, and receive medication management as needed.

Moreover, family involvement is crucial to successful anxiety treatment for teens. We encourage parents and caregivers to participate in family therapy sessions, learn how to support their child’s recovery and create a safe and nurturing home environment.

Find an Anxiety Treatment at Beyond Healthcare Fairlawn

At Beyond Healthcare Fairlawn, our anxiety treatment program is structured to support families and loved ones that struggle with anxiety. Our qualified staff provides a comprehensive, relationship-centric approach that goes beyond traditional therapy and medical treatment procedures. As a result, our team provides a full-day or after-school counseling program to suit every adolescent’s schedule, allowing for proper treatment integration into their lifestyle. From therapy and medication management to advice and private education, we guide adolescents to help them overcome anxiety.

If your adolescent is suffering from anxiety, contact us today. We are confident our anxiety treatment program can help. Our team of medical professionals and care providers is here to guide you and your family during this difficult time by providing evidence-based treatments. We can help your adolescent regain control of their life and find balance. Don’t let anxiety control your life; contact us today by calling 330.621.0725 or filling out a brief online form.