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Adolescent Mental Health Treatment

An accredited daily mental health treatment program designed to help your adolescent reach a place of sustainable mental well-being.
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Ensure that your adolescent gets mental health treatment, learns to manage their mental health symptoms, and lives a healthier lifestyle.

Individualized Adolescent Mental Health Treatment Program

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to mental health treatment. Every young person in our care has a unique story to tell, and our treatment plans are individualized to help them reach their goals. When your adolescent enrolls in our mental health treatment program, they’ll find the targeted support they need.

Program Summary

An adolescent mental health treatment program should do more than just address the mental health concern. It must also take into account a young person’s medical needs and living situation that may be underlying factors in their mental health issues.

Benefits of Professional Adolescent Mental Health Treatment

Treatment Phases

Research indicates that young people who enroll in professional mental health treatment programs are less likely to experience worsening symptoms and better able to maintain control of their mental health.


- Understand -

When your child enrolls in our mental health treatment program, we will help them understand the root causes of their mental health issues and devise ways to help them manage the stressors they will encounter once they leave our program. They will build healthy coping skills and discover a new path forward.


- Empowerment -

Ongoing support can help your adolescent thrive as they develop new routines and put what they have learned in our adolescent IOP into practice. They’ll stay connected with our treatment team as they continue their journey toward mental well-being.

Our Approach to Adolescent Mental Health Treatment

A range of therapies and services can help address the physical and psychological effects of mental health conditions.

Our adolescent mental health treatment programs also effectively address a range of mental health conditions, including:

Paying for Adolescent Mental Health Treatment

In-network with all Ohio Medicaid plans and most commercial insurance plans

The cost of adolescent mental health treatment should never be a roadblock to recovery. At Beyond Healthcare Fairlawn, we design personalized treatment plans that address the needs of every adolescent in our care, and the cost of treatment can vary. However, we work with most major health plans to reduce out-of-pocket costs and make treatment as accessible as possible. Verify your insurance today to see if your provider will cover your treatment.

Hear from Our Families

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