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What Is Group Therapy?

a therapist consoles a teen in a group after they ask what is group therapy

Have you wondered, “What is group therapy?” If so, you may be pleasantly surprised that it can help your teen find support from peers their age to overcome mental health challenges. While group therapy includes less one-on-one time with a therapist, it does help your teen build a sense of community with people who have similar experiences. Helping them feel like they’re not alone is one of the best things you can do for your teen when they struggle with their mental health.

At Beyond Healthcare, we know how important group therapy is for the teens and adolescents 11-17 that we help. That’s why our professionally led group sessions are the core of our partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment programs at our Fairlawn, Ohio center. Find out how you can help your teen lay the foundation for a happier future today by calling 330.621.0725 or contacting us online.

What Is Group Therapy for Teens?

Group therapy is a guided conversation among peers who share similar experiences. One or more therapists facilitate the group and create a safe environment for open discussion. Topics of conversation are determined by the needs of group members but may include shared experiences, coping mechanisms, problem-solving strategies, and emotional support.

Many subjects can be covered in group therapy, including:

  • Anxiety – Learning how to cope with and manage anxiety can help your teen lead a calmer, more productive life.
  • Depression – Depression is a serious illness, but treatment can help. In group therapy, your teen will learn how to identify the signs and symptoms of depression and develop coping mechanisms.
  • Self-harm – If your teen struggles with self-harm, group therapy can provide the support they need to overcome this challenge.
  • Trauma – Group therapy can be an excellent way for your teen to process trauma and learn how to cope with the aftermath.
  • Relationship problems – Teens often face challenges in their relationships with family, friends, and romantic partners. Group therapy can help them develop the skills they need to navigate these relationships in a healthy way.
  • LGBTQ+-related challenges and issues – If your teen identifies as LGBTQ, they may face unique challenges. Group therapy can provide a safe space for them to discuss these challenges and receive support from peers who understand what they’re going through.

The Benefits of Teen Group Therapy

Teens can reap several benefits from group therapy, including:

  • Relief from symptoms
  • Help to develop insight and new perspectives
  • Improved coping skills
  • New social support
  • Improved self-esteem

When faced with similar challenges, teens in group therapy can feel less alone and develop a sense of belonging. They can also learn how to express themselves effectively, set boundaries, and resolve conflict.

What to Expect in Group Therapy

Most group therapy sessions last 60-90 minutes, and meet a few times a week. The number of group members varies depending on the type of therapy offered and the therapist’s preference. During the first few sessions, group members will get to know each other and establish trust. Therapeutic work will begin as group members start sharing their experiences with others.

How Group Therapy Works with Other Therapies

Group therapy can be used as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with other therapies, such as individual therapy, medication management, or psychiatric evaluation. When combined with other therapies, group therapy provides additional support and allows teens to practice using new skills in a real-world setting.

Find Your Teen Help at Beyond Healthcare

Now that you know the answer to the question, “what is group therapy?” and understand some of the ways it can help your teen, it’s time to find help. Our team of compassionate mental health professionals is here to help your family through this difficult time. Contact us by calling 330.621.0725 today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment.