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Is It Common for Teens to Experience Trauma?

Young person sitting against wall hanging their head against their knees in need of methods for coping with trauma for teens

In recent years, more attention has been given to the issue of mental health and how it affects individuals, especially teens. It’s a known fact that traumatic experiences can significantly impact a person’s mental well-being. Unfortunately, teenagers are not immune to the negative effects of trauma. Therefore, it’s essential to recognize the need for trauma therapy for teens.

Are you or someone you know experiencing trauma? Don’t suffer in silence. Reach out to Beyond Healthcare Fairlawn today and learn how we can help. We can help you work through trauma in a safe and supportive environment. Call 330.621.0725 to learn more about coping with trauma for teens and start trauma treatment today.

Teens Experiencing Trauma

Trauma can happen to anyone at any stage of life. However, as we focus on teens, we can observe that this is a crucial phase of life when young adults grapple with many changes and challenges, leading to traumatic experiences. Have you ever wondered how common it is for teens to experience trauma?

In the United States, about 61% of men and 51% of women report experiencing at least one traumatic event in their lifetime, according to the American Psychological Association. Of these, approximately 39% of men and 60% of women report experiencing multiple traumatic events. The trauma experienced by individuals can vary in intensity, duration, frequency, and source. A significant portion of these traumatic experiences occurs during adolescence.

Teens experiencing trauma may exhibit anxiety, depression, withdrawal, insomnia, nightmares, flashbacks, irritability and aggression, and risky behaviors. These symptoms can be a sign of a more serious emotional and mental problem, especially if they persist or become a part of a regular pattern. Therefore, seeking trauma treatment for teens exhibiting these symptoms is advisable.

Coping with Trauma for Teens

Tools for coping can enable teens to recover from the emotional and mental strain of traumatic experiences. Coping skills help ensure that teens can healthily handle stress and challenges, ensuring that traumatic experiences do not have long-term adverse effects. Here are some coping mechanisms that can help teens deal with trauma:

Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques

Help teens develop relaxation techniques such as yoga and deep breathing exercises that help lessen anxiety symptoms and intrusive thoughts. Mindfulness is about staying present and avoiding anxiety-provoking thoughts that can trigger negative emotions.

Art, Music, or Gaming Therapy

Art, music, or gaming therapy is a creative way of expressing their emotions, and many teens have found this to be an effective way of working through their trauma. It involves using art, music, or gaming to create a safe, therapeutic space where teens can discover how to articulate their experiences, thoughts, and feelings.

Talk Therapy and Peer Support

Talking to a licensed therapist or engaging in peer support groups are the most effective ways of working through traumatic experiences. Teen group sessions help teens realize they are not alone and can speak freely in a safe environment.

Trauma Therapy for Teens

Trauma therapy for teens is an effective way to help young adults work through traumatic experiences that may affect their mental and emotional health. A trauma therapist guides teens through the process of working through their traumatic experiences, helping them to identify and understand the root of their problems. Trauma therapy approaches may vary, but cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and motivational enhancement therapy (MET) have proven to be effective methods.

Beyond Healthcare Fairlawn supports teens who have experienced traumatic events and need assistance coping with the after-effects. Our approach helps teens develop effective coping skills that bolster their emotional well-being and mental health. We offer individual therapy, day treatment, and group therapy sessions that support teens to work through their trauma. Our team of experts is well-equipped with the right tools and skills to help teens get back on track and on their way to healthy, happy lives.

Start Trauma Treatment for Teens at Beyond Healthcare Fairlawn

If you or someone you know is struggling with trauma, contact Beyond Healthcare Fairlawn today. Our team of caring and professional therapists is here to help your teenager cope with the effects of trauma and lead a healthy and fulfilling life. We offer day treatment, individual counseling, mental health services, and family therapy.

Coping with the aftermath of a traumatic experience can be challenging, but with the help of trauma therapy for teens, healing and recovery are possible. At Beyond Healthcare Fairlawn, we provide evidence-based practices that address each of our client’s unique needs to help them overcome their trauma. Don’t wait; contact us today at 330.621.0725 or online and take the first step toward healing.