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What Is Movement Therapy?

Group of people dancing in movement therapy after receiving an answer to the question what is movement therapy

Movement therapy is an increasingly popular treatment for young people with emotional and behavioral issues. Teen movement therapy services can effectively foster well-being for many adolescents while addressing underlying psychological issues. Participants can hone their problem-solving skills while they learn more about themselves and how to work through difficulties.

Beyond Healthcare offers a teen movement therapy program that encourages adolescents to develop coping skills in a safe, supportive environment. We tailor our teen movement therapy services to meet the individual needs of each participant. Call 330.621.0725 to learn more about how we can empower young people to tackle life’s challenges and build self-esteem.

What Is Movement Therapy for Teens?

Movement therapy, also known as dance/movement therapy, is a form of mental health counseling that uses physical movement and activities. Through stretching, rolling on the floor, running around, or dancing, teenagers and adolescents can explore their feelings while gaining insight into their behavior. Teen movement therapy services provide a safe space for young people to express themselves without using words.

Movement therapists understand how physical gestures and activities affect moods and behaviors. They focus on creating an environment where teenagers can reach their goals at a deeper level than traditional talk therapy. During teen movement therapy services, counselors may use music or props to facilitate a creative environment for exploration. They may also initiate dialogue about the emotions and thoughts associated with different movements.

The goal is for young people to become more aware of how their bodies respond to certain situations and learn techniques to manage feelings. Movement therapy services for teens are often beneficial for those who have experienced trauma or are struggling with social anxiety or depression.

Benefits of Teen Movement Therapy Services

One significant advantage of movement therapy services for teens is that they can provide an outlet for safely releasing emotions. By engaging in physical activities, young people can learn how to understand the sensations and feelings they experience without getting overwhelmed. Movement can help them become more aware when emotions arise so that they know how to manage them in the future.

Another benefit of movement therapy is that it can help young people become more connected with themselves and others. Through engaging in physical activity together, teens may feel less isolated and more supported by those around them, allowing them to open up more easily about their struggles. Movement also brings out a sense of playfulness, which can be beneficial when exploring different topics related to mental health.

Additionally, research has suggested that movement therapy may have neurological benefits. Some studies suggest that physical activity improves function and structure in brain areas associated with memory formation and emotion regulation. Enhanced cognition may benefit teens who struggle to remember certain things due to mental health issues or behavior concerns.

Teen movement therapy services can help young people navigate their mental health journey more effectively. It may also assist them with making healthier decisions regarding their behavior.

Seek Movement Therapy Services for Teens at Beyond Healthcare

If you’re looking for a safe space for your teen to explore their feelings and behavior through movement therapy, get in touch with Beyond Healthcare. Our qualified therapists use evidence-based approaches to help clients regulate emotions and develop self-awareness. We can answer your questions and start building a personalized care plan that meets the treatment needs of your teen.

At Beyond Healthcare, our team is committed to helping young people explore their sense of identity through creative expression, helping them better understand themselves and interact with others. We are passionate about assisting adolescents in finding their path toward improved mental health. Complete our web form, or call 330.621.0725 to get started and learn more about our teen movement therapy services.