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What Is Art Therapy?

Person painting in a teen art therapy program after finding out the answer to the question what is art therapy

Art therapy combines the creative process of art-making with therapeutic techniques. It offers a safe and encouraging environment for adolescents to explore their emotions and work through challenges. Teen art therapy can provide several advantages for teenagers, especially those with behavioral or mental health issues.

At Beyond Healthcare, our certified art therapists use a variety of techniques to help clients express themselves in ways that are meaningful to them. We tailor our teen art therapy program to each individual’s needs. Call 330.621.0725 to learn more about how we can provide your teen with a safe space for self-expression and personal growth.

What Is Art Therapy for Teens?

Art therapy is a form of mental health treatment that uses art and creative activities to help individuals express their feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Therapists use an evidence-based approach that can support adolescents with behavior concerns or mental health issues. Teen art therapy integrates psychological theories with creative processes to create a unique therapeutic experience.

During art therapy sessions, teenagers are encouraged to make art in whatever way they find most meaningful or enjoyable. Using different techniques and materials can affect emotion and stimulate ideas. Options for art-making may include:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Collage
  • Mixed media

Therapists use the artwork created by teenagers to discuss deeper emotional topics that may be hard to express verbally. These discussions help individuals gain insight into themselves and develop skills needed for success.

Benefits of Teen Art Therapy

Art therapy services for teens offer numerous advantages. Teen art therapy programs provide a safe space for expressing emotions, working through challenging or traumatic experiences, and building self-esteem. Through these programs, adolescents may address and manage issues such as depression, anxiety, grief, low self-esteem, and more.

Art therapy can offer teens an alternative way to communicate their feelings and thoughts beyond traditional talk therapies. It allows them to express their inner thoughts, fears, and concerns nonverbally. Making art can give teens a visual representation of what is happening inside them, helping others better understand them and feel understood. This type of communication also encourages young people to listen differently or look at things from a different perspective.

In addition to improving communication skills, art therapy can promote problem-solving and emotional self-awareness. While using art supplies to create something that expresses their feelings, teenagers may enhance their understanding of how their emotions affect their behavior and decision-making in other areas. Their art can provide insight into how they can better regulate their emotions and navigate problems as they arise.

The creative process involved in art therapy services for teens also helps young people gain self-confidence, which can positively affect overall mental health and wellness. Teens begin to understand that it’s okay to express their emotions and not have all the answers right away. They become more comfortable with uncertainty while learning strategies for managing emotions such as anger, sadness, or fear.

Find Art Therapy Services for Teens at Beyond Healthcare

If you’re looking for teen art therapy for a young person with behavior concerns or mental health issues, contact Beyond Healthcare. We understand how important it is for adolescents to feel heard and understood while making positive life changes. We can answer your questions and personalize a care plan that meets your teen’s unique needs.

At Beyond Healthcare, we are committed to providing compassionate care to adolescents using therapeutic approaches like teen art therapy. Our evidence-based practices encourage the creativity of our clients and provide them with a safe space for working through challenges. Complete our online form, or call 330.621.0725 to learn more about our teen art therapy program and get started today.