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5 Family Therapy Benefits

a family talks to a counselor about family therapy benefits

Dealing with a mental health condition is never easy, but it can be especially tough for teenagers. Trying to navigate the challenges of adolescence while also struggling with depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues can feel overwhelming. That’s why Beyond Healthcare is proud to offer family therapy services at our Akron and Fairview locations. Family therapy benefits more than just the teenager struggling with their mental health—it opens the door for better communication throughout the family. Call 330.621.0725 today to discover the family therapy benefits that could rebuild the bonds in your family.

5 Benefits of Family Therapy

1. Increases Communication and Understanding Within the Family

One of the main goals of family therapy is to improve communication between family members. This can be helpful for families in which conflict is common, or in which members have difficulty expressing their feelings. Through family therapy, teens and their parents can learn how to communicate more effectively with one another, which can lead to greater understanding and closer relationships.

2. Provides Support for Everyone Involved

Family therapy offers a supportive environment for everyone involved—not just the teen struggling with a mental health condition. Parents may feel overwhelmed or helpless when their child is dealing with a difficult issue, but family therapy can provide them with the tools they need to better support them. In addition, families often develop strong bonds with one another during therapy, which can provide much-needed emotional support during tough times.

3. Teaches Coping and Problem-Solving Skills

Another benefit of family therapy is that it teaches valuable coping and problem-solving skills. These skills can help teens deal with stressful situations in a healthy way and can also help prevent future problems from occurring. For example, if a teen is having difficulty dealing with anxiety, family therapy can teach them healthy coping mechanisms that can be used in future anxious situations.

4. Helps Families Identify and Address Underlying Issues

Sometimes there are underlying issues within a family that contribute to a teen’s mental health issues—issues that might not be immediately apparent to those involved. Family therapy can help identify these underlying issues so that they can be addressed head-on. Once these issues are out in the open, the entire family can work together to find solutions that will work for everyone involved.

5. Encourages Positive Changes Within the Family Dynamic

Finally, family therapy encourages positive changes within the family dynamic as a whole. This means that even after therapy has ended, families often continue to benefit from the skills they learned during treatment. For example, families who participated in therapy may find that they are better able to cope with stressors and communicate effectively with one another long after treatment has ended.

Discover Family Therapy Benefits at Beyond Healthcare

If your teen is struggling with a mental health condition, know that you are not alone—and that help is available. Beyond Healthcare offers family therapy services at our Akron and Fairview locations, led by experienced therapists who are dedicated to helping families find healing and hope.

We also offer mental health treatment for teens and adolescents through:

  • Intensive outpatient/Day treatment programs – For a few hours after school three days a week, your teen receives support and mental health treatment from our team of expert therapists.
  • Virtual therapy – Your teen can receive treatment from anywhere through our secure virtual therapy program. So, even if your family is on the go, your teen can be supported.
  • Partial hospitalization program – Running Monday through Friday for most of the day, your teen receives comprehensive mental treatment to help them find balance.

If you’re interested in learning more about how family therapy could benefit your teen—and your entire family—reach out to us today by calling 330.621.0725.